SOPHO : adj. \sof’ o\ : Greek : full of wisdom; intellectual, wise

FIT : adj. \fit\ : Old English : sound physically and mentally : healthy


Our mission is to help each of our clients in greater Dallas reach his or her optimal fitness level. We help clients reach their fitness goals by delivering the most effective in-home personal training to them in the environment that’s most comfortable and convenient for them. Individualized, safe, high-intensity workouts which allow clients to achieve maximum results in the shortest amount of time are our specialty.


At SophoFit, we believe in actual fitness, rather than the appearance of fitness. Actual fitness is the only outcome worthy of the intense training our clients commit to and endure, and it is the only path to better health of mind, body and spirit. Wisdom is only attainable when one puts knowledge to use. Our name reflects our commitment to gaining as much knowledge as possible on sound fitness principles and sharing it with our clients so they too can train wisely.

“I consider Harris and his wife Tiffany friends now. They both push me to try different work outs at home or even on vacation.”

Groupon Employee Perks

September 4, 2012

“Working with a trainer at a gym can be a shaming experience, especially if you’re fat; then again, if you have the option of a home gym, why are you still fat?”

Thrillist Chicago

February 17, 2009

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Harris Sophocleous

Harris Sophocleous


“As both a competitive athlete and an experienced trainer, I have a unique perspective. I have been both the trainer and the trainee. This insight allows me to help my clients adopt new ways of thinking and apply those ideas to the pursuit of their goals in fitness and in life.”

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About SophoFit

Our goal is to provide superior service to each client. SophoFit is a personal training business, but we are ultimately in the service industry. Therefore, we truly value our clients, and want them to be satisfied with our services and the results they achieve. We respect our clients as unique individuals, and recognize that our success depends on them.

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